Top Expert provides full and modern logistics solutions, tailored to the specific necessities of each client, developed and built with the help of strong domestic and foreign partners.

The logistics services we are supplying to our clients include the planning, the organization, the execution and the control of each freight flow, starting from the pickup from suppliers, transport, handling, storage and conditioning of freight and up to their distribution to the end clients.

By applying the solutions of a main logistics supplier partner, our clients receive a number of advantages, such as the increase of revenues, increased profitability, decreased capital investments, lower operating costs, savings of managing resources and a closer relationship with clients because of the quicker and higher quality deliveries.

We list below some of the services include din this supply chain:

• Supply chain design
• Freight pickup
• Freight storage in customs or cleared conditions
• Freight handling and preparation for delivery/distribution
• Stock management
• Freight delivery
• Freight insurance during transport and storage
• Import/export customs formalities
• Drawing up and submitting the INTRASTAT declarations
• Picking/delivering all the documents from/at the client’s office
• Strict monitoring of all the operations
Various other value added services: sorting, packaging, wrapping/sealing, labeling, attachment of guidelines, etc.
Handling and other operations required for the distribution are conducted reliably, manually or by special machines, by skilled personnel.
Furthermore, freight entries and exits are strictly monitored, thus ensuring the control of stocks at any time.