Intrastat. Customs procedures


The Intrastat system has become operational starting from 1 January 2007, when Romania joined the European Union. The statistical statement INTRASTAT is filled in by all the economic operators whose arrivals and/or dispatches from/to the European Union Member States exceed the value thresholds established for the reference year.

Given the binding nature of the statement and the fines applied in case of non-conformities, we conduct the execution and transmission of the INTRASTAT declarations for our clients. All the required documents and pieces of information are processed by experienced specialists who are very familiar with the legislation in force.


For all the trades conducted outside the community, our company ensures customs advice and representation services in any Romanian customs office. Thus, we pick and prepare the required documentation in accordance with the legislation in force, we conduct import, export, final or temporary customs operations and we enable the access to storage and bonded warehouses.